“To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.”   ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

DSC_0509-2Newly-trained AMI teachers often start their careers with multiple job offers and typically find that there are both local and international schools seeking candidates holding AMI credentials.

There are over 4000 Montessori schools in the US, and around 25,000 worldwide, and demand for high-quality schools continues to growGuidepost-76. AMI-affiliated Montessori schools typically have long waiting lists, and the critical lack of trained Montessori teachers is a significant factor limiting the growth and development of both new and established Montessori schools.

SIMS organizes job fairs, supports students with practice teaching opportunities, and leverages its excellent reputation and connections in the community to support graduates to step into their career on the right foot. SIMS often receives communications from schools looking for teachers to hire, and these opportunities are passed on to students.

A career in Montessori education offers many opportunities for ongoing professional development, expanding or shifting roles, and leadership. The Montessori community conducts regular refresher courses across the country for trained teachers as well as special courses for administrators. Experienced Montessori-trained teachers often take on leadership roles in Montessori schools, or open their own schools as entrepreneurs. Others choose to pursue more than one Montessori diploma (for example, Montessori for infants and toddlers, elementary-aged children, or adolescents) and teach various age groups during their careers, or become Montessori teacher trainers themselves.

Guidepost-178Whatever your long-term career path, AMI Montessori primary training is your key to opening doors, locally and worldwide.  

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