Megan Trezise

AMI Primary Trainer

Megan Trezise is an AMI Trainer at the Primary level.  She currently works with the Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies.  Megan began her Montessori career as a classroom assistant while she earned an AMI Diploma at the Montessori Education Center of Arizona in Phoenix in 2005.  She then spent many years teaching in both private and public Montessori schools.  It was with the transition to teaching in the public sector that she truly began to find her mission.  In working with second language learners, immigrant children, and those living in poverty, she discovered the power of Montessori.  While still in the public sector, she moved into Montessori Instructional Coaching, leading a team of nine Primary Guides, offering professional development and pedagogical guidance. This opportunity paralleled an opportunity to work on a Montessori Response to Intervention team serving as the data specialist with the goal of helping special needs children succeed both behaviorally and academically.  In addition to being a Montessorian, Megan has been married for 10 years and has a nine year old daughter. Her family lives in the Phoenix Metro area and enjoys volunteering with animal rescues, hiking at the river, and exploring the Arizona wilderness.