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A world-class Montessori teacher training center in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • I have not only learned about the Montessori Method; I have learned a new way of being. I have had the opportunity and support to transform myself into being a guide for children, and a new person as a whole.

    Alyssa Zander, Class of '17

  • This has been a most rewarding and inspiring training...I feel that I am coming out of this training transformed and tooled up to face the challenge of a peaceful early education in the 21st century.

    Sabrina Lafreniere-Tousignant, Class of '17

  • The things I’ve learned have been explained in such a simple and clear way. I’ve learned not only about presentations but about the children and’s a great, encouraging, and uplifting community.

    Lizett Murphy, Class of '17

  • This training is excellent! Not [having been] in the Montessori environment before, I learned a lot. I would feel comfortable being in front of a classroom and giving lessons now.

    Mihaela Groza, Class of '17

  • One of my favorite things about my time at SIMS is that the people we’ve worked with have become a family. I enjoyed working in an environment where we help each other become better, and we support each other in hard times.

    Estafania Miralles, Class of '17

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SIMS offers the internationally-recognized gold standard in Montessori teacher training from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Your SIMS trainer, Ann Velasco, is highly knowledgeable, passionate about Montessori, supportive, and approachable.

SIMS training is well-organized and well-integrated into Phoenix's robust community of experienced Montessori practitioners. Phoenix offers great weather, a low cost of living, and down-to-earth culture in a thriving city. Join us! We'd love to help you gain the professional confidence and expertise that comes along with your highly-respected AMI diploma.

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The Montessori approach is effective and joyful, and backed by a significant and ever-growing body of research.

  • Joyful learning leads to great results, and prepares children to set and achieve the goals that matter most to them throughout their lives.

  • The practical life materials entice children to practice the skills of everyday life, while developing concentration, persistence, and problem-solving skills.

  • Sensorial materials develop the child's scientific mind, inspiring the child to evaluate, measure, compare, and contrast.

  • Each child in a Montessori classroom works at his or her own pace on work of their choosing. This child is practicing how to write using the Moveable Alphabet.

  • Beautiful materials that demonstrate progressively more complex concepts encourage concentration, delight, and mastery.

  • The cultural activities of the classroom helps young children explore geography, science, biology, botany, and more!

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